A workshop aimed at helping leaders make the most of a diverse workplace and marketplace will be held in connection with the fourth annual globalization conference held at WSU Spokane.

Officially called the International Globalization, Diversity, and Education Conference, the event will be held Feb. 28 to March 1 at the Red Lion Inn at the Park.

People can register for the Feb. 28 Cultural Inclusion Workshop for business, community or education leaders cost $80, or for the globalization conference for $150, or attend both for the same price.

Registration information and other details are available at the conference web site,http://globalization.wsu.edu.

Workshop sessions will cover such topics as cultural sensitivity in the workforce, building relationships with tribal communities, how women are affected by expectations that they are “too nice” or ‘not nice enough,” and issues relevant to LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) people.

The Cultural Inclusion Workshop is a first for the globalization conference, which is organized by the WSU College of Education. Last year’s conference was attended by educators and others from 27 states and 14 countries.

In addition to a full schedule of presentations, the 2008 conference will feature three keynote addresses and two films.

James A. Banks, director of the University of Washington’s Center for Multicultural Education, will speak about “Diversity and Citizenship Education in Global Times.” 
Other featured scholars will be Lily Wong Fillmore, University of California at Berkeley, who will present the address “America: United or Divided by One Language.”

In a talk titled ‘The Indianization of America,” Sandy Grand of Barnard College will argue that the days of colonization are not over.

William Pinar of the University of British Columbia will discuss identity politics in his address, “On the Agony and Ecstasy of the Particular.”

The film presentations include What’s Race Got to Do with It and Race—The Power of Illusion.