Two mailing lists to aid WSU researchers in finding funding have been established by the Office of Grant and Research Development (OGRD).
Those interested can sign up at the websites below.
• Limited submission opportunities: The number of proposals accepted from each institution is restricted, so OGRD coordinates internal review panels to determine which proposal(s) go on to the agency for competition.
Visit If you have questions, contact Lynn Fister at or Esther Pratt at
• Office of Research opportunities: Although some of this information is available by checking the OGRD website, additional research funding opportunities will be e-mailed as they become available.
These listservs are in addition to an ongoing weekly e-mail alert identifying new funding opportunities in your specific research focus area. This subscription service, provided by the Office of Research, is the Community of Science research information resource and can be accessed at
If you need more information on this service or help keeping your COS expertise profile updated so agencies and collaborators can find you, contact Lynn Fister,, or Esther Pratt,
Visit the OGRD website at, for more opportunities.