PULLMAN – WSU will again permit freshmen to live at the Theta Chi fraternity following the completion of investigation of incidents this fall between members of Theta Chi and Delta Chi.
The suspension of freshman housing at Delta Chi will continue.
Citing safety concerns, WSU administrators last month temporarily relocated freshman residents from the two fraternity houses to university residence halls. Nine of the students were Delta Chi members; 24 were from Theta Chi.
Safety within these fraternities came into question after university administrators learned of alleged assaults involving members from each chapter.
Freshman students were identified for the relocation because WSU policy stipulates that freshmen must live in housing approved by the university.
University officials said that the Theta Chi freshmen who wish to do so may relocate to their fraternity following the close of fall semester. Dec. 14 is the final day of exams.
“The safety of our students is a top priority for the university,” said Michael Tate, vice president of the Division of Student Affairs, Equity and Diversity. “We hope this investigation and the actions that have been taken send a clear message that all members of the university community must be responsible and responsive in dealing with this sort of behavior.”
The Student Conduct Board found Delta Chi responsible for violations of three provisions of the Washington Administrative Code – abuse of self or others, failure to comply with authorities and violation of university policy, rule or regulation.
The board found Theta Chi responsible for one violation, failure to comply.
The letters detailing the conduct board’s findings are available on-lineat http://www.conduct.wsu.edu/fraternityhearing .
The board called on Theta Chi to submit a report by Feb. 1, 2008 detailing the programming it has instituted to prevent future violent behavior by members. The fraternity will remain on disciplinary probation until Jan. 1, 2009.
Delta Chi may submit a petition in June 2008 asking to have its right to house freshmen restored. The petition would need to include a description of steps taken by the fraternity to improve safety at the chapter. The fraternity is on disciplinary probation until Jan. 1, 2009.
Both fraternities have the right to appeal the board’s findings. To do so, they must submit an appeal in writing to the Office of Student Conduct within 21 days.
Individual students involved in these incidents are still subject to action through the university’s student conduct process. Any sanctions of individual students through that process are confidential under federal student privacy laws.