The skeletal frame of the new Biotechnology Life Science building continues to grow skyward this week as construction crews continue working on schedule for the June 2009 completion date.

“The research building is expected to be 100 percent occupied and operational in fall 2009,” said Virgil Hanson, project manager for the biotech facility.

Construction on the $72.6 million, 130,000 square foot building began in May. Upon completion, the biotech complex, located across from Martin Stadium on the old tennis courts site, will be home to a variety of research and core laboratories, conference rooms, and administrative, faculty and student offices.

The modular layout of the building will allow for open, flexible research, where faculty and graduate students can share equipment and facilities, Hanson said.  “The offices, work areas, and conferencing areas are designed to promote formal and informal collaboration
between students and researchers in multiple life sciences disciplines,” he said.

The biotech facility is the second of seven life science research buildings in the works on the Pullman campus as a part of the larges-scale WSU Pullman Research and Education Precinct project.  The first building, the Vogel Plant Sciences Building, was completed in 2004.  Next in the lineup is the WSU USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Building, currently undergoing the design phase. Planning for the fourth project, the Veterinary Medical Research Building, is awaiting funding, and is expected to begin in 2008, Hanson said.  Program development on the remaining three buildings has yet to begin. 

Crews will continue to brave the cold to keep the Biotech project on track through winter, Hanson said.  “We will be monitoring that potential impact very carefully to ensure we remain on schedule.”