PULLMAN- The YWCA of WSU is proud to sponsor the first annual Civil Rights Mural Project.

The Project is part of the ongoing effort to eliminate racism, empower women, celebrate diversity and ensure equality.

The community art project will be made up of drawings or paintings from students in the Pullman school district. Selected winners will have their art collaborated into murals which will be displayed in public space throughout Pullman.

Winners will be picked by a Pullman resident review committee on Dec. 15. Exactly 13 drawings or paintings will be selected, one from each grade level.

Submission is open to kindergarten to 12th grade students in the Pullman school system. Drawings or paintings should be no larger than 8.5 by 11 inches and must be received by Dec. 3.

When thinking about what to draw or paint, students should consider:

What would justice look like?
How would you paint or draw peace?
How would you represent inclusion and equality, fairness and respect?

Finished art work can be sent to following address:

YWCA of Washington State University
720 NE Thatuna

Pullman, WA 99163
For more information contact Joan Opyr, program director, YWCA of WSU at : 509-335-3916 or 208-596-0671, email: joanopyr@moscow.com