To further secure data held in central university administrative systems, Information Technology Services on Nov. 1 will launch the Departmental Personnel and Payroll System (DEPPS). Employees who have access to the Higher Education Personnel and Payroll System (HEPPS) automatically will receive access to DEPPS.
Employees will have access to both HEPPS and DEPPS Nov. 1-30. But HEPPS access will be terminated Dec. 1. The only exceptions will be for central university offices, such as Human Resource Services and Payroll, that have a demonstrated need for HEPPS access.
DEPPS is similar to HEPPS and will contain many of the same queries and conversations. However, access to confidential information, including Social Security numbers, race/ethnic codes and disability codes, is restricted in DEPPS.
What this means
No training in DEPPS will be required. Starting Nov. 1, people who log into HEPPS will see DEPPS on the login screen. WSU ID numbers will be used in place of Social Security numbers.
All conversations to which HEPPS users previously had access (e.g. PEARCERT, DEPTPAY, QRYEMP) will remain the same.
Those requiring access to restricted confidential data in DEPPS will need to complete an AIS access request form, indicating the particular need for this information in the comments section, and forward the request through the normal approval channels.
Those who must maintain access to HEPPS — because they work in a central university office and are responsible for the input of data into these systems — will need to re-authorize their HEPPS access. They also must complete an AIS access request form before Nov. 30, indicating their particular needs in the comments section, and route it through the normal approval channels.
For more information, contact Vicky Murray, 335-750