PULLMAN – You’re invited to attend the Tears of Joy Puppet Theater’s performance of “The Reluctant Dragon” on Sunday, Nov. 4, 2007 at 2p.m. in Bryan Hall Theatre.
The Reluctant Dragon explores what happens when a magnificent dragon moves into the neighborhood. Find out in this spectacular play based on the story by Kenneth Grahame.
Despite commong myth, the dragon in this play is not the fearsome type. He, like the boy that befriends him, is more interested in art and poetry. The villagers, however, assume they are in grave danger and call on Sir George, the renowned dragon slayer to save them. Sir George discovers the dragon is not a threat to anyone, but to keep the villagers happy, he and the dragon stage a mock battle. The villagers decide they can live in peace with their dragon.
The theatre is recognized nationally for its commitment to excellence and innovation. The Tears of Joy Theatre produces, develops, and presents puppet theatre that celebrates the diversity of world cultures; and teaches children and enriches their lives by helping them experience, create, and perform art with professional artists.
The free tickets can be picked up at Beasley Coliseum ticket office or wait and pick them up at Bryan Hall Theater at 1pm,  for the 2pm performance on November 4.