The percentage of WSU employees who give to the Combined Fund Drive is 8.99. That’s right in there with many of the state’s universities, but a couple contributors do stand out above the rest.

Western Washington University had an annual giving rate in 2006 of 12.42 percent of employees and University of Washington led the way with 17.13 percent.

“We have gone down just a little bit in giving in the last three years,” said John Cory, CFD coordinator for WSU.

Cory said he is not sure what has caused the decrease in giving, but has heard of a phenomenon called “donation fatigue” that occurs when people have been asked to give or have given frequently.

“It’s possible that people have been giving but are not aware that they can give through the CFD,” Cory said.

Giving through the CFD is one way to donate that makes the most of the contributor’s dollars, he said. That’s because by combining multiple fundraising efforts into one single campaign, the CFD is able to lower overhead for partner charitable organizations.

Also, all of the money received is placed in a single account to gain interest. So about 102 to 105 percent of peoples’ contributions are actually going to their chosen organizations. In addition, the full amount of money goes to the charities, with no administrative charge.

“Our hope and plan is to just keep getting the word out there,” Cory said. “It is good to give and makes sense to give through the CFD.”

Percentages of giving at universities in Washington for 2006:

• Evergreen State College, 8.54
• Washington State University, 8.99
• Eastern Washington University, 9.73
• Central Washington University, 10.02

• Western Washington University, 12.42
• University of Washington, 17.13

Community fair Oct. 4

The CFD will host a community fair noon-2 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 4, in the Lighty atrium. Employees can talk with representatives from local CFD nonprofit organizations.