Approximately 500 students and 50 faculty and staff of Eastern Washington University will be making a move this fall, from the Spokane Downtown Center to the Riverpoint Campus (and a few other locations).
The staged move is anticipated to begin during September. Relocated faculty and staff offices will be in the Phase I Classroom Cuilding, the Riverpoint One Office Building owned by the Community Colleges of Spokane, the Administrative Annex, Schade Tower, and the brick building at 202 E. Spokane Falls Blvd.
The Master of Social Work program will hold classes at SCC. The EWU Bookstore will hold book sales in the South Campus Facility the first week of fall quarter, which begins Sept. 26, as well as in their current location in the Spokane Center. When the move is complete, the bookstore will be in the Schade Tower.
The 2007/2009 biennium will include the pre-design and design phase for the next building to be constructed at Riverpoint. Funding for these phases will come from the sale of the current Spokane Center Higher Education Building, which sold for $3.4 million to Real Estate Advisory Services, Inc. of Portland, Ore.
A campus master plan update will be developed during 2007-2008, along with detailed academic plans for WSU and EWU at Riverpoint; both will help shape future building requests.
A legislative request for construction funding goes through the process followed for all capital construction projects, in which the four-year college/university presidents prioritize a master list of projects statewide and support each other’s projects as prioritized.