Total WSU summer enrollment for all campuses topped off at 7,684 students in 2007, echoing 2006 when 7,686 students missed out on a little sunshine and hit the books.    

The plateau in the summer total is a reflection of the overall WSU enrollment trends for the previous regular school years, said Linda Schoepflin, WSU director of summer session.
“Summer enrollment follows the university,” she said.  “When their numbers are flat, our numbers are flat.”  Overall enrollment for all campuses during regular school sessions has remained around 21,000 for the last three years.

With national trends showing that year-round college enrollment is becoming increasingly popular, efforts are being made to meet students’ needs during WSU’s summer sessions, Schoepflin said.   WSU is working to improve summer schedules by meeting with department chairs and deans to prevent overlapping of class times during the 2008 summer session. 

“We can’t have all the classes meeting between 10 and 12,” Schoepflin said.  “More and more students are choosing to do summer school.  We need to accommodate that.”