Washington State University will spend $1 million toward enhancement of the child care facilities on its Pullman campus.

President Elson S. Floyd said the decision on how best to use the money will be made in consultation with the Commission on the Status of Women, the Faculty Senate Task Force on Child Care and the advisory committee to the child care center.

The money will be spent on improving the facilities to address the need for more child care spots for both infants and toddlers. The center currently has a long waiting list for available positions.

“Clearly, the availability of child care is a critical issue to many of our faculty, staff and students. Although I do not see this investment solving the entire problem, I think it is an important step for the university to take,” Floyd said.

Floyd praised the work of many people on campus who have devoted time and energy to seeking solutions on the child care issue, including Jill Griffin and Kathleen Hagen, past and present chair of the Commission on the Status of Women, and Mary Wandschneider and Brenda Boyd, faculty members in the Department of Human Development.

Floyd said he expects the groups involved to come together soon to explore the best ways to invest the money toward providing more child care services on campus.

While many of the details as to how these funds will be used are yet to be determined, I see this as a major step in the right direction in enhancing child care facilities,” said Michael J. Tate, vice president of student services, equity and diversity. “What we are all focused on is that President Floyd recognizes the need to enhance the university’s ability to serve faculty, staff and student families.”

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