Mike Utley, former Washington State offensive lineman, is the recipient of the 2006 Walter Camp “Man of the Year” award.

Utley was the most highly decorated gridiron star in Cougar history when he left in 1988 to play for the Detroit Lions.  After suffering a career-ending spinal injury during a game in 1991, Utley has become a symbol of courage with his own rehabilitation, but also for his commitment to help others with similar injuries.  The Mike Utley Foundation, established in December 1991, has been dedicated to finding a cure for spinal cord injuries and providing the motivational and emotional support for individuals who have been disabled with such injuries.

Utley joins an impressive list of former “Man of the Year” winners, including Roger Staubach (Navy), Gale Sayers (Kansas), Jim Kelly (Miami), Anthony Muñoz (USC) and last year’s recipient Dwight Stephenson (Alabama).

The Walter Camp “Man of the Year” award honors individuals who are closely associated with football as a player, coach or close attendant to the game.  The “Man of the Year” is honored for being a person who attained a measure of success as a leader in their profession and for contributing to the community. The “Man of the Year” is awarded for having an impeccable reputation for integrity and for being dedicated to American Heritage and the philosophy of Walter Camp.
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