PULLMAN– Washington State University associate professor John M. Gay  was awarded the 2006 Washington State Veterinary Medical Association’s Faculty Member of the Year Award.

Gay received the award at the WSVMA’s annual convention on Sept. 30 in Yakima.

Gay is board certified in veterinary preventive medicine and was recognized for his dedication to the epidemiology of infectious and production diseases of cattle. An outstanding teacher, Gay has a particular interest in those diseases that can be transmitted to humans and those that have food safety implications.

“Dr. John Gay is both humble and effective as a teacher and researcher,” said Dr. Rick DeBowes, associate dean for external relations and development at WSU’s veterinary college. “His knowledge of statistics makes him one of those people veterinarians seek out when they need to decide if clusters of cases or disease events are real or just part of a more common ebb and flow of disease in animal populations. And as part of the WSU Field Disease Investigation Unit in the veterinary college, Dr. Gay’s public information website is an extraordinary resource.”

“I am honored to receive this award and I offer my sincere thanks to the WSVMA,” said Gay at his acceptance. “For me it is validation that the work I do is important and valued not only by veterinarians but for all of us affected by animal health and food safety.”