MeetingMaker has been the generally available scheduling system at WSU for about 10 years, but it is near the end of its useful life. In an effort to provide “universal scheduling and collaboration tools across the entire university,” Information Systems is providing Microsoft Exchange accounts for general use by faculty, staff, graduate and professional students.

The migration from MeetingMaker to Exchange has been scheduled for the week of Nov. 14. People who have been delaying their transition to Exchange will want to begin making the move to Exchange by that time. Here’s why. After the migration is concluded, “meeting rooms” and “equipment” will be removed from Meeting Maker. Past calendar scheduling data will remain available for viewing until Meeting Maker is retired in 2006.

In order to have fully functional calendaring back in operation as quickly and as smoothly as possible, it is vital that all MeetingMaker users (or assistants who normally handle others’ calendars) plan to reschedule all appointments and meetings that they are responsible for in Exchange during the Nov. 16–18 time period, in order to preserve the day-to-day business flow, said John D’Aleo, director of the Connect! project.

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