SPOKANE, Wash. — Paul Schimpf, associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science, has been awarded the 2005 Washington State University Spokane Faculty Excellence Award in recognition of his outstanding teaching, research and community service.

Schimpf, who has been with WSU Spokane since 2000, brings both professional experience as an engineer and scholarly abilities as a researcher to his teaching. As a researcher, he explores the highest levels of mathematical computation and its application to the improvement of medical technology, with funding from the National Science Foundation. He works with collaborators from around the globe – from China to Germany – sharing the new software tools he develops with the global research community.

His research is published in wide-ranging journals, from IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering to Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology, demonstrating the interdisciplinary applications of his work. He Richard Sevenich co-authored the book “An Introduction to Embedded Programming in a Linux Environment” (Lineo Corp., 2000).

As a teacher, Schimpf’s colleagues say, he diligently prepares challenging classes and receives excellent teaching ratings. He consistently demonstrates concern both for student welfare and for academic rigor, and his NSF funding includes support for involvement of undergraduates in research.

In announcing the Faculty Excellence Award, WSU Spokane chancellor Brian Pitcher said, “Not only is Professor Schimpf an outstanding researcher and teacher, he is also a leader in the development of our academic mission. With colleagues he has led development and implementation of undergraduate degrees in informatics and professional development.”

Schimpf received his doctoral, master’s and bachelor’s degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Washington. Prior to joining the faculty at WSU Spokane, he was an assistant professor at Eastern Washington University, where he spent 15 years as a senior principal engineer with Raytheon Systems Corp. (formerly Honeywell, Alliant Techsystems, and Hughes). His industry career included work in embedded processor design, parallel embedded digital signal processing, and instrumentation and control systems.

He has received a number of honors, awards and fellowships, most recently including the 2003 WSU Spokane Students’ Choice Award for Outstanding Faculty. He is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Sterling Savings of Spokane sponsors the annual award, which will be presented at the WSU Spokane commencement ceremonies. Schimpf received an engraved pewter medallion and a check for $1,000.

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