The Washington State University Intercollegiate College of Nursing will host its biannual career fair event March 10. More than 20 health care and nursing recruiters have already reserved space for the event, which will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the WSU Intercollegiate College of Nursing campus.

Representatives from Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, California and Arizona have been invited to attend. This year’s graduating class includes 132 undergraduate students and 29 master’s students. Students anticipate making career connections and fielding job offers.

“The purpose of the Career Fair is to bring students and nurse recruiters together each semester so that the students can see the broad range of jobs that are out there,” said Katie Longinotti, class president and event chair. “The students look forward to it every semester because it’s a great opportunity to talk with a lot of hospitals and health care organizations, get relevant employment information and lots of promotional items.”

All students, including those not graduating immediately, are encouraged to attend the event. Some students will look to secure immediate, permanent job possibilities while others will be looking for part-time summer employment and prospects for the future.

Finding the best fit may be the greatest challenge for these students. The college routinely has a 100 percent placement rate following graduation.

“Our graduates typically have multiple job offers, often in the clinical specialty of their choice,” said Anne Hirsch, associate dean of academic affairs.

Vicky Sattler, a 31-year-old graduating senior, is particularly excited for the career fair.

“It gives the graduating students a chance to make valuable contacts and enables other students to see a fuller range of what’s out there as they plan their future in nursing,” Sattler said.

Sattler hopes to make some connections toward her goal of working with the vulnerable and underserved populations in Spokane. Immediately after graduation, Sattler will be heading to Iquitos, Peru with a team of 14 other WSU Intercollegiate College of Nursing students and faculty, to help with the medical needs of the people there.

The WSU Intercollegiate College of Nursing campus is located at 2917 W. Fort George Wright Drive in Spokane.

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