A mural commissioned by the WSU Department of Comparative Ethnic Studies will be dedicated at 4 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 16, in the CES lounge, Wilson 112.

Transformación y Evolución (Transformation and Evolution) is a10 x 4 ft. oil painting on wood by Mexican artist Francisco Javier Bataz. A visiting scholar at WSU Tri-Cities, Bataz is a professor of art at the Casa de Cultura José Vasconcelos, a cultural arts center in Michoacán, Mexico, which is supported by the Mexican National Institute of Fine Arts.

“Pictures often do speak louder than words,” said Yolanda Flores-Nieman, CES director. “This painting says a great deal about our transformation from violence to scholar, and it gives people a good idea about the philosophy of CES and the role of education globally.