PULLMAN, Wash. — Washington State University Press has announced that “Native River: The Columbia Remembered” by William D. Layman is one of five books selected as one of Washington State Library’s Washington Reads for fall 2004.

Washington State Librarian Jan Walsh makes a quarterly selection of thought-provoking books to highlight treasures in the Washington State Library collections. Her theme for the current season is “The Columbia River through Washington History.”

Regarding her choice of theme, Walsh said, “The Columbia River, in volume the largest river to flow into the Pacific Ocean, is woven into the lore and the history of Washington state. This powerful, untamed river was the source of livelihood, transportation and folklore of the ancient cultures. With the development of dams and reservoirs, it became the great source of hydroelectric power and irrigation. With the taming of the original river came the dwindling of salmon runs, jobs, traditions and towns. This wonderfully wild and natural river so significant in our states history was changed forever.”

Commenting specifically about “Native River,” Walsh provides insight into her reasons for its selection. In the book, the author provides a wealth of information through his research into most aspects of the mid-Columbia River. The book features photographs, maps and illustrations, many of which were unpublished. In addition, the book tells a story of the river, drawing the reader into its lore through the ancient tales, photographs and petroglyphs.

”We are thrilled that “Native River” has been honored as a Washington Read and are proud to have published a book that makes such a significant contribution to our knowledge of Columbia River history,” said Mary Read, director of WSU Press. “Reaction to the book has been incredibly positive, in part because so many people feel a deep personal connection to the river.”

Native River” is available for check-out from the Washington State Library and other libraries in Washington, and is available at bookstores or can be ordered directly from WSU Press by calling (800) 354-7360 or through its Web site at www.wsupress.wsu.edu.

WSU Press, located in Pullman, publishes scholarly books with a cultural or historical relationship to the Pacific Northwest.