An earlier article on contract negotiations between the Washington Federation of State Employees and Washington State University noted that current union dues are 1.37 percent of base salary, up to $53.29 per person per month or $639 per year. The $53.29 per month figure would represent a base pay of $46,677 or more, which is not the average income among people represented under WFSE bargaining contract.

According to WSU Institutional Research, the average annual base pay for permanent, full-time classified employees universitywide is approximately $34,576 per year. Based on that income figure and the current 1.37 percent rate, annual union dues would be about $473.69 per person, or about $592,114 per year from all 1,250 employees covered under the WFSE bargaining agreement (assuming a union security clause is approved). 

WSU Today apologies for any confusion.