Doctoral candidates from across the country arrived the weekend of June 19 to begin work with faculty during WSU’s six-week Summer Doctoral Fellows Program.

The program’s purpose is to offer graduate students the opportunity to prepare for academic careers as future faculty members. During the program, the Fellows will participate in seminars on the changing roles and expectations of faculty, the future of the professoriate, the changing nature of higher education and issues facing faculty of color and women in higher education.

In 1993, the college of education established a Summer Teaching Fellows Program at WSU. Five years later, the program was expanded to include additional colleges, including agriculture and home economics, business and economics, engineering and architecture, liberal arts, nursing, pharmacy, sciences and veterinary medicine.

Since 1993, the program has brought more that 78 doctoral candidates to the Pullman campus for the summer experience.

Participating this summer are:

* Felicia Rader, University of Texas, Austin

* Jacqueline Tobias, University of New Mexico

* Tonya Scott, Texas A&M University

* and three WSU students: Wen Du (Agricultural and Resource Economics), David Williams (Counseling Psychology) and Weiya Zhang (Physics).