PULLMAN, Wash.— The following out-of-state students have earned undergraduate degrees from Washington State University following the fall 2003 semester.

The students are listed by their parents’ hometowns.


ANCHORAGE: Gwen Leslie Helms, B.A. in Social Sciences; Jennifer Lynn Hughes, B.S. in Biology; and Phillip Lee Locker, B.A. in Social Sciences. 

BARROW: Janel Christine Bragg, B.A. in Social Sciences.

EAGLE RIVER: Sandra Jean Morris, B.S. in Biology.

FAIRBANKS: Heidi Anna Henry, B.S. in Nursing MAGNA CUM LAUDE, and Lynx Robert Vanasse, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.

HOONAH: Marlene Duvall, B.S. in Natural Resource Sciences MAGNA CUM LAUDE.

JUNEAU: Tara Jade McGee, B.S. in Microbiology SUMMA CUM LAUDE; and Tina Marie Pleasants, B.S. in Nursing MAGNA CUM LAUDE.

PALMER: John Christopher Bishop, B.A. in History CUM LAUDE.

SITKA: Teresa Catherine Jenkinson, B.S. in Nursing.


GILBERT: Alison Kay Keck B.A. in Sports Management

PRESCOTT: Jennifer Ann Brown, B.A. in Socal Sciences.

TEMPE: Bobby Joe Jr. Carter, B.A. in Social Sciences.

TUCSON: Chandra L. Knudsen, B.S. in Psychology, and Dirk D. Lamfers, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.


ARCATA: Kris S. Luminar, B.A. in Economics.

ATHENTON: James Aram Erickson, B.A. in Sociology.

BERKELEY: Katherine Olga Reed, B.A. in Socal Sciences.

BEVERLY HILLS: Ryan Paul Sifferman, B.A. in Communication.

BONITA: Brandon William Closson, B.S. in Zoology.

BREA: Tiffany Lynn Walton, B.A. in Social Sciences.

CAMPBELL: Elizabeth Rose Bundsen B.A. in Humanities  and B.A. in Foreign Languages.

CYPRESS: Martin James O’Keefe, B.A. in Business Administration.

DIAMOND BAR: Rachel Claire Heath, B.A. in History.

EL CAJON: Brettson Winton Platte, B.A. in Criminal Justice and B.A. in Political Science CUM LAUDE.


EL CERRITO: Jeffrey Chung, B.A. in Business Administration.

EL DURADO HILLS: Matthew Jason Gargani, B.A. in Socal Sciences.

FALLBROOK: Jill Suzanne Kirk, B.S. in Nursing.

FOLSOM: Michelle D. Burke, B.S. in Speech and Hearing Sciences.


HAYWARD: Angela Christine Bushmaker, B.S. in Kinesiology.

IMPERIAL BEACH: Derek Scott Colyn, B.A. in Anthropology.

LAKE FOREST: Erin Lydia Palmer, B.A. in Business Administration.

LOS ANGELES: Tahjanae Deane Northcutt, B.A. in Women’s Studies and Supakorn Tulyathan, B.S. in Psychology CUM LAUDE.

OAKLAND: Shamar Duane Terrell Cotton, B.A. in Hospitality Business Management;  Karen Beth Kern, B.A. in Social Sciences MAGNA CUM LAUDE; Frederick William Shavies, B.A. in Sociology; and  Jeremy Scott Thornton B.A. in Human Development.

NEVADA CITY: Carrie Anne Oliver Schultz, B.S. in Agricultural Economics.

PASADENA: Rizal Fajar Hariadi, B.S. in Physics and B.S. in Biochemistry MAGNA CUM LAUDE.

PETALUMA Caroline Johnston DeBonis, B.A. in Business Administration, and Gregory Edwards, B.A. in Criminal Justice MAGNA CUM LAUDE.

RANCHO SANTA MARGARTA: Duke Davis, B.A. in Communication.

REDONDO BEACH: Analia Naser Daghbas, B.A. in Hospitality Business Management, and  Dennison Lee Bacon, B.A. in Humanities.

SACRAMENTO: Christopher Jon Coulson, B.A. in Humanities.


SALINAS: Clarence Andrew Woods II, B.A. in Social Sciences CUM LAUDE.

SAN ANDREAS: Jennifer Suzanne Coates, B.A. in Socal Sciences

SAN DIEGO: Krista Kay Beardslee, B.S. in Nursing; Elizabeth Bowden Mitchell, B.A. in Business Administration; Kira Daria Riznyk, B.S. in Nursing; and Jeffery Anthony Terrill, B.A. in Business Administration.

SAN JOSE: Shelby Nycole Janes, B.A. in Communication, and Ricardo Humberto Lopez, B.A. in Sports Management.


SAN MATEO Mary Nicole Ferguson, B.A. in Criminal Justice.

SELMA: Kristina Ann Krumpos, B.S. in Horticulture CUM LAUDE.

TEMECULA: Korin A. Gandy, B.A. in Social Sciences.

VALLEJO: Diane Jolee Warner, B.A. in Social Studies MAGNA CUM LAUDE.


BAILEY: R. Trace Sinclair, B.S. in Computer Science.

DENVER: Patrick S. Davis, B.A. in Business Administration.

PUEBLO WEST: Dustin Clifford White, B.A. in Sports Management.


WOODLAND PARK: Corrie Ann Casey, B.S. in Nursing.


DANBURY: David M. Burke, B.A. in Social Sciences CUM LAUDE.


BARTOW: Dawn Renee Morgan-Winter, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine MAGNA CUM LAUDE.

EUSTIS: Liliana Mangum, B.A. in Social Sciences.

PUNTA GORDA: Emily Ann Poland, B.A. in Communication.

SARASOTA: Mario Avila Concepcion, B.A. in Social Sciences.


HEPHZIBAH: Saundra Ann Hood, B.A. in Social Sciences.


EWA BEACH: Anna Rose Blue, B.A. in Business Administration.

HOLUALOA: JaDawn Lee Hubbard, B.A. in Social Sciences.

HONOLULU: Tammy Nguyen, B.S. in Computer Science MAGNA CUM LAUDE and Jennifer Sue Voje, B.A. in Social Sciences SUMMA CUM LAUDE.

KAILUA Micah Alexander Banton, B.A. in Socal Sciences, and Shawna Kay Wentlandt, B.A. in Criminal Justice.

LIHUE: Jennifer Anne Soriano, B.S. in Nursing CUM LAUDE.

PEARL CITY: Amy T. Yamamoto, B.A. in Business Administration CUM LAUDE.


BOISE: Brandon S. Karpen, B.A. in Philosophy, and Jenna Kay Nelson, B.S. in Nursing.

BONNERS FERRY: Nina Rae Schnuerle, B.S. in Nursing CUM LAUDE.

COEUR D’ALENE: Sang-Woo Lee, B.A. in Hospitality Business Management.

GRANGEVILLE: Heather Lei Weddle, B.S. in Biology MAGNA CUM LAUDE.

HARRISON: D. Banks Douglas, Teaching Certificate.

HAYDEN: Nicole Marie James, B.A. in Communication.

MCCALL: Brooke Mary Johanna Elliot, B.A. in Sports Management.

MONTPELIER: Scott Willis Royer, B.A. in Criminal Justice CUM LAUDE.

MOSCOW: Amanda Sue Guenthner, B.A. in Hospitality Business Management CUM LAUDE, and Sean Robert Melton, B.A. in Computer Science.

NAMPA: Dana Ann Ault, B.S. in Animal Sciences.

NEW MEADOWS: Jaime Crista Weston, B.A. in Socal Sciences.

POST FALLS: Kelly P. Erickson, B.A. in Social Sciences.

SANDPOINT: Alicia Louise Benefield, B.A. in Business Administration.

SUN VALLEY: Christina Dalton Murray, B.A. in Communication.

TROY: Rebecca Suzanne Redinger, B.A. in Political Science.


GRAYSLAKE: Jie Wei, B.A. in Business Administration.


BETTENDORF: Michelle Emiko Junevitch, B.A. in Socal Sciences CUM LAUDE.


IOWA CITY: Cindy Ann Barnes, B.A. in Social Sciences.



ELKTON: Jody Kathleen Maxwell Strom, B.S. in Horticulture SUMMA CUM LAUDE.

GAITHERSBURG: Aaron Marshall Kraft, B.A. in Criminal Justice.

HEBRON: John S. Weil, B.S. in Agriculture MAGNA CUM LAUDE.


DEARBORN HEIGHTS: Candice Ilene Hamade, B.A. in Social Sciences.



ST PAUL: Courtney Marie Flynn, B.A. in Communication.


COLUMBIA: Lindsay Rinta Evans, B.A. in Anthropology CUM LAUDE.

ROLLA: Fan-Keung Chang, B.S. in Electrical Engineering. 


DUTTON: Rosemary Louise Proff, B.S. in Microbiology.

HELENA: Isabell Brooke Ballou, B.S. in Nursing; and Jacqueline Clare O’Coyne, B.S. in Nursing CUM LAUDE.

KALISPELL: Brechta Sif Brodehl, B.S. in Nursing CUM LAUDE.


AVOCA: Kathryn Ladean McDonald, B.A. in Social Sciences.


FALLON: Jamie Lyn Laca, B.S. in Neuroscience

MINDEN: Bruce Mitchel Jacobsen, B.A. in History.

RENO: Hillary Johanna Smith, B.A. in Socal Sciences, and Tamara Lyn Stutes, B.S. in Nursing CUM LAUDE.

SPARKS: Shannon J. Frederick, B.A. in Human Development, and Brandon Matthew Harrison, B.A. in Sociology.

New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE: Julie Rochelle Adams, B.S. in Animal Sciences CUM LAUDE

New York

FAR ROCKWAY: Sherley Azalea Alvarez, B.A. in Political Science

NEW YORK: Akiko Tsuda, B.S. in Kinesiology MAGNA CUM LAUDE.

North Carolina

FAYETTEVILLE: Sybil Lilian Alleyne, B.A. in Social Sciences.

NORLINA: Isabella Anderson Jenkins, B.A. in Social Sciences. 


SPRING LAKE: Eriko Okada, B.A. in Sports Management.

WAKE FOREST: Lenny J. Fairfield, B.A. in Business Administration CUM LAUDE.



FORT SILL: Marla Rochelle Veach, B.A. in Social Sciences CUM LAUDE.


ASTORIA: Lisa Renee Hunsinge Graham, B.A. in Social Sciences CUM LAUDE.

BEAVERTON: Leah Marie Hauser, B.S. in Psychology, and Chia-yin Lin, B.A. in Business Administration MAGNA CUM LAUDE.

FAIRVIEW: LaToya Rochelle Beni Harris, B.A. in Humanities


FOREST GROVE: Corey Michael Judah, B.A. in Communication.


GRESHAM: Lindi Lucetta Goins, B.S. in Nursing MAGNA CUM LAUDE.

LA GRANDE: Erika Lynn Fratzke, B.A. in Business Administration CUM LAUDE, and George Fredric Bornstedt, B.S. in Civil Engineering MAGNA CUM LAUDE.

LAKE OSWEGO: Wendy Lynn Eslick, B.S. in Biology

OREGON CITY: Breanne Marie Richardson, B.A. in Business Administration

PENDLETON: Casey McCurdy Currin, B.S. in Agriculture Business, and Nicholas Robert Straughan, BAHBM.

PORTLAND: Robert Donald Fread, B.A. in Socal Sciences MAGNA CUM LAUDE; Dima Ibrahim Ghandour, B.S. in Psychology MAGNA CUM LAUDE; and Christopher Lee McCollister, B.A. in Business Administration MAGNA CUM LAUDE.

RAINIER: Michelle Mae Lange Williams, B.A. in Education.

SCOTTSBURG: Darin Bruce Bedynek, B.S. in Electrical Engineering.

SHERWOOD: Charles F. Roberg, B.A. in Socal Sciences.

STANFIELD: Christie LeAnne Walker, B.S. in Biology.

TANGENT: Marvin Dale Hays, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.


THE DALLES: Jodi Renee Knowles, B.A. in Socal Sciences.

South Carolina

HILTON HEAD ISLAND: Elise Meredith Ayers, B.A. in Social Sciences.


AUSTIN: Jessica Erin Stafford, B.A. in Education.

FRISCO: Joshua Ian Hersh, B.A. in Communication.

GEORGETOWN: Anne Elizabeth Parnell, B.S. in Psychology CUM LAUDE.

HOUSTON: William Ben Graffis, Bachelor of Science.

MADISONVILLE: Steven Bowles, B.A. in Sports Management.

WITCHITA FALLS: Sarah Beth Shelden, B.A. in Education SUMMA CUM LAUDE.


STAFFORD: Andrew Curtis Harrison, B.S. in Computer Science.

STERLING: Shirin Ossama Elkoshairi, B.A. in Social Sciences CUM LAUDE.


MADISON: Rachel Jennifer Gilbert, B.A. in Humanities.


RIVERTON: Kathryn Ann Miller, B.A. in Fine Arts CUM LAUDE.


CRANBROOK: Lisa Christine Mironuck, B.S. in Nursing.