Some recent updates in the process of implementing the state of Washington’s new civil service reforms were announced in late December. The reform program — which will reduce the number of job classifications, reorganize salary ranges and change private contracting rules — involves feedback from the public. Several of the proposed changes are listed below. If you would like to provide comments, complete the feedback form on the HR 2005 website at

• The most recent draft of the new job classification structure proposes occupational categories and levels. Existing job classes would fit within the new structure, and proposed salary ranges would be assigned to each level. An overview of how the proposed classification and compensation system will work also is provided. For more information, go to

• Individual class specifications for each category and level will be rolled out for discussion over the course of 2004. Each group will be posted on the HR 2005 website along with a feedback form. The feedback period will be approximately two weeks.

The first group of job specifications is now available for review. It contains 22 occupational categories, including “clerical, office support and secretarial.” For more information, go to

• The state Department of Personnel’s (DOP) draft rules for Employee Business Units (for competitive contracting) were posted Dec. 17. This is the first group of the new civil service rules to be published for public input. The remaining rules will be rolled out over the course of the next six months.

Each month, a new group of rules, covering a specific subject matter, will be posted on the website. Employees and other interested parties will have approximately two weeks to provide input on each set of rules. For more information, go to