SPOKANE, Wash. — As part of a semester-long project, Washington State University Spokane students at the Interdisciplinary Design Institute have examined the historic Rookery Block in downtown Spokane. Their design concepts for the area will be presented Friday, Dec. 12, from 2:30-5 p.m. in the WSU Phase I Classroom Building Gallery. The presentation is open to the public and the media.

The designs will be reviewed by Greg Kessler, director of the WSU School of Architecture and Construction Management; Bob Power, owner of the building adjacent to the Rookery Block; city planner Steve Franks; and interested community members.

The Interdisciplinary Design Institute at WSU Spokane advances knowledge to enhance the quality of people’s lives in the built and natural environment through interdisciplinary instruction, research and community service in design and construction. Students in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, construction management, and design-build management study at the institute.

Web sites:

Interdisciplinary Design Institute: www.idi.spokane.wsu.edu

WSU Spokane: www.spokane.wsu.edu

News release on student work mapping the Rookery Block in an earlier phase of this project: http://wsunews.wsu.edu/detail.asp?StoryID=4104 (Sept. 26, 2003)