PULLMAN, Wash. — Sue Clark, a Washington State University chemistry professor, has accepted an invitation from Spencer Abraham, U. S. Secretary of Energy, to serve as a member of the Basic Energy Sciences Advisory Committee.

An office within the Department of Energy, BES is one of the nation’s largest sponsors of natural science research.  It is responsible for enlarging the knowledge base needed to create new energy technologies and mitigate environmental impacts of energy use.  BES funds research at more than 160 institutions, and designs, builds and operates user facilities for the scientific community and industry.

The BES Advisory Committee provides advice on scientific and technical issues related to the BES program. Established in 1986, the BESAC draws members from academic and research institutions, national laboratories and the energy industry.  The committee makes recommendations on such things as the nation’s priorities in regard to new and updated research facilities, opportunities for research collaborations and industry participation. Clark will serve a three-year term.  She attended her first meeting in October.

Clark, an environmental chemist, joined the WSU faculty in 1996.  She held the Edward R. Meyer Distinguished Professorship in 1999-2000 and currently holds the Westinghouse Professorship in Materials Science and Engineering. Clark received the Young Faculty Achievement Award from the College of Sciences in 1999.  She won a National Academy of Sciences Young Investigator Award in 1993.

Clark is also a member of the Biological and Environmental Research Advisory Subcommittee that advises the Energy Department’s Division of Environmental Remediation Sciences. She also serves as the national director of the American Chemical Society’s Division of Nuclear Chemistry Summer School Program in Nuclear and Radio Chemistry and serves on an international review panel for the German Helmholz Association, an agency that operates much like the national laboratories in the United States.