PULLMAN, Wash. — Washington State University is one of 25 new members and the first major university accepted to the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Environmental Performance Track program. 

The university has committed to decreasing air pollutants by constructing and using a new energy plant for its campus. By 2005, WSU commits to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by more than 50 percent and its sulfur dioxide emission by more than 85 percent.

“The honor demonstrates that the university has excellent environmental programs,” said Dwight Hagihara, director of Environmental Health and Safety at WSU.

The program recognizes top environmental performers and encourages both public and private organizations that voluntarily go beyond compliance with environmental regulations and publicly commit to specific environmental improvements over the next three years.

To qualify, an organization must satisfy four criteria. They include a record of sustained compliance with no major unresolved environmental violations, a basic environmental management system in place, a commitment to four areas it plans to improve and set goals accordingly and a commitment to doing public outreach.

The 25 new program members include national parks, corporations, WSU and other institutions. 

For more information on the Performance Track program, contact Hagihara at (509) 335-3051.