PULLMAN, Wash. – The Washington State University Board of Regents approved 7 percent tuition increases for resident undergraduates each of the next two years of the biennium during its meeting today (June 13).

Resident undergraduate tuition will increase to $4,435 for 2003-04 and to $4,745 for 2004-05. Non-resident undergraduates will see a 5 percent increase to $12,537 for 2003-04 and $13,163 for 2004-05. Resident and non-resident graduate students will see a 2 percent increase each year.

“I’m not happy about the degree to which we’re passing along the cost of education to the students. There is a sense of students paying more for less,” WSU President V. Lane Rawlins said, adding that the decision to increase tuition was influenced primarily by the reduction in state appropriations.

The board also approved a recommendation to set the Services and Activities fees for the 2003-04 academic year at $401 for full-time students. This is an increase of $26 (7 percent) for resident undergraduate students and $43-$85 for other student categories.

Under academic affairs, Regents approved the recommended extension of the Bachelor of Sciences in horticulture with a viticulture and enology option to WSU Tri-Cities, effective fall 2003. The two sciences involve grape growing and wine making.

Board members also supported changes to the WSU Retirement Plan. The modifications will be made to enhance employee retention, assist employees with transition and compete with other employers who offer flexibility and creative options to their retirement-eligible employees.

The regents approved a 4.35 percent increase in academic and summer Student Recreation Center fees effective fall 2003. The 15-member University Recreation Advisory Board earlier voted unanimously in support of the increase.

Also, the board supported a $565,000 SRC Backyard Capital Project that will be funded by fiscal year 2004 with Services and Activities Facilities fees. The proposal would add a sand volleyball area and basketball courts, both of which could be used for a variety of activities, including sand flag football, sand soccer, roller-hockey, concerts and picnic areas. The project is expected to begin in the fall.

Regents also supported a proposal to select a general contractor/construction manager for the Bioproducts, Sciences and Engineering Laboratory at WSU Tri-Cities. Design of the new facility is set to begin summer 2003 with construction to begin summer 2005 and completed no later than summer 2007.

The board also approved additional funding for the construction of campus well No. 8. Funding for the project, previously estimated at $750,000, would provide for site selection, drilling of the well, pump house, associated electrical and mechanical equipment and water line distribution connection to the existing system. Estimates to complete the project were $250,000. Construction of the well would allow WSU to meet water demand reliably without interruptions, said Greg Royer, vice president for Business Affairs.

Under university development, the regents also approved the WSU/WSU Foundation “Principles of Operations.” The document defines the mission of the WSUF and its relationship to WSU.

The Board of Regents also unanimously endorsed Rawlins’ leadership and authorized a five-year contract with the president, extending his tenure through 2008.

“At a time when we have all had economic concerns, there has been a real sense of camaraderie and shared vision at this university, and that has come directly from the president’s office,” said Board President William Marler.

Regents praised the president’s leadership on state higher education issues, in the university’s strategic planning process and in helping to bring more high-achieving students and grant funding to WSU.

For the second straight year, Rawlins turned down any salary increase. The board will be evaluating his compensation in comparison with that of presidents of peer institutions over the next three to six months.

Editor’s Note: Here is the following tuition increases approved by regents:

Resident Undergraduate $ 4,435 (7 percent increase)
Non Resident Undergraduate $12,537 (5 percent increase)
Resident Graduate $ 5,877 (2 percent increase)
Non Resident Graduate $14,893 (2 percent increase)
Resident PharmD – class of 2007 $ 9.039 (no change)
Non Res. PharmD – class of 2007 $17,875 (2.3 percent increase)
Resident PharmD – class of 2006 $ 7,725 (6 percent increase)
Non Res PharmD – class of 2006 $16,703 (6 percent increase)
Resident PharmD – class of 2004
And 2005 $ 6,813 (6 percent increase)
Non Res PharmD – class of 2004
And 2005 $15,821 (6 percent increase)
(Rates for PharmD students in classes 2004-06 are net of waivers. The actual tuition rate for these categories is the same as for students in the class of 2007. The rates shown are accomplished through waivers. )
Resident Professional
(DVM/WWAMI) $11,445 (7 percent increase)
Non Res Professional
(DVM/WWAMI) $28,877 (6.7 percent increase)
Resident Graduate Nursing $ 6,561 (13.8 percent increase)
Non Res Graduate Nursing $16,283 (11.5 percent increase)
Non Res Distance Degree Prog. $ 6,653 (1.5 times the resident rate)