VANCOUVER, Wash. — Washington State University Vancouver is currently updating its campus master plan to accommodate the next 10-20 years. A number of public meetings will be held during the master plan development process to gain community input on alternative development scenarios.

The first open house will be held on Thursday, May 22, at the university campus in classroom SS130 in the Student Services building. Neighboring residents and all interested parties may attend one of two meeting times scheduled for that day — meeting one at 3:30-5:30 p.m., or meeting two from 7-9 p.m.

During the open house, WSU Vancouver staff will be available to discuss the current campus master plan and explain why updates are necessary. Staff, too, will present a proposed time line, explain the environmental review process and present preliminary master plan alternatives. Public comment will be encouraged and appreciated.

The original environmental analysis and master plan are expected to cover campus development through 2008. Because it is assumed that the updated master plan will involve potential environmental impacts involving traffic and storm water, WSU Vancouver is conducting a study to identify and address those impacts.

Community involvement is part of the WSU Vancouver’s good neighbor policy and public input into the master plan update is valued. For more information, contact Nancy Godson, communications coordinator, at (360) 546-9602, or via e-mail at