PULLMAN, Wash. — The YWCA of Washington State University will present “The YWCA: Past, Present, Future,” a unique history of the organization that has been a part of the WSU community since 1895.

The event will take place at noon March 11 in the Samuel H. Smith Center for Undergraduate Education, Room 518.

Shamieko King, a YWCA student coordinator, will present an interactive PowerPoint presentation about the organization. She will discuss the history of the YWCA on a local, national and international level, including 108 years of activism at WSU. The presentation will focus on the different periods of extreme activism and the changing face of YWCA of WSU.

Rahwa Habte, YWCA program manager, will discuss the challenges the YWCA faces and what the future has in store. She will also talk about the impact the YWCA has had on local women and how they have become successful by being involved with the organization.

For more information, contact the YWCA of WSU at (509) 335-3916.