PULLMAN, Wash. — Washington State University’s program in neuroscience invites local children to celebrate Brain Awareness Week with hands-on activities Thursday, March 13, from 9:30 a.m. to noon. The event will be held in the WSU Worthman Anatomy Museum, Wegner Hall, Room 270.

Various entertaining and enriching activities are planned to help kids understand the importance and function of their brain. As part of “The Amazing Brain” presentation, the program encourages children to use creative problem solving and activity stations.

To learn about the sizes, shapes and structures of brains, models from the human brain to the brain of a mouse have been developed by undergraduate students enrolled in the WSU neurophysiology course. Elementary students will judge each model, and a winning model will be selected. The brain models will cover a variety of topics including brain electrical currents, the blood-brain barrier, action potentials, neurons, hearing, taste and memory.

WSU neuroscience faculty and student volunteers will be on hand to assist children with the activities and encourage learning. The event is part of WSU’s partnership in the national Brain Awareness Week campaign ( apu.sfn.org/baw/index.cfm), sponsored by the Society for Neuroscience, the Dana Alliance for the Brain, and the national Kids Judge! Program.

For more information, contact Sandi Brabb, assistant director of neurophysiology at WSU, at (509) 335-2190 or e-mail at brabb@wsu.edu.