TRI-CITIES, Wash. — Professor Leonard Orr, academic director of the Washington State University Tri-Cities liberal arts program, has been selected to participate in the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies Seminar on Literature and the Holocaust this summer in Washington, D.C.

The center is the scholarly division of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in the nation’s capitol.

The sessions are scheduled in June and will be team-taught by leading faculty members from Yale University; York University of Toronto, Ontario; and Marquette University.

A member of the WSU Tri-Cities faculty since 1991, Orr is a scholar and poet who has written extensively on poets William Butler Yates, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and James Joyce, and has published more than 30 reviews of scholarly books.

His poetry and short fiction has been published in literary magazines such as Canadian Jewish Outlook, Voices International and New Writers.

In 1991, Orr was the recipient of the Anna Davidson Rosenberg Award for Poetry of the Jewish Experience.