PULLMAN, Wash. — Washington State University’s Parking and Transportation Services want people to be aware of important changes in parking regulations during the upcoming break periods. The changes are as follows:

–Finals Week — Crimson and gray parking zones will continue to require their respective crimson or gray permit. The change will keep resident students from being displaced from their regular parking zones during a critical time. As usual, temporary, one-hour parking zones may be established in portions of the crimson zones during finals week and at the start of each semester to accommodate moving in and out of residence halls.

–Between semesters — Only crimson, orange and green permits are valid in crimson zones during this time.

–Beginning of semesters — Permits are not required in crimson or gray zones at the start of each semester from Monday of the week prior to the first day of class through the fifth day of class.

During summer session and vacation periods, other special parking conditions exist. For more information, call WSU Parking and Transportation Services at (509) 335-PARK or visit its Web site at www.wsu.edu/parking/.