NOTE TO EDITORS: Media representatives are encouraged to attend any of the sessions at the Pullman schools. Contact Don Reed via cell phone at (509) 595-7244 or at his office at (509) 335-5023 for arrangements.

PULLMAN, Wash. — Japanese and American educators will compare school reform efforts and classroom techniques during a visit by eight Japanese teachers and administrators to Washington State University’s College of Education. As part of the visit, the Japanese will visit Pullman school classrooms to observe and teach on Friday, Oct. 18, and Monday, Oct. 21, said Donald B. Reed, program coordinator.

The Japanese educators, from Nishinomiya, a Spokane-sized city near Osaka, are visiting Pullman as part of a cross-cultural partnership established in 1987. The partnership, between the WSU College of Education and the Nishinomiya School District, is the first and only collaborative relationship established between an American education college and a Japanese school district.

The Nishinomiya delegation visits Pullman as part of an annual cross-cultural exchange every other year. The delegation will visit WSU Tri-Cities on Tuesday, Oct. 22, before returning to Japan.