SPOKANE, Wash. – The Washington State University College of Nursing has joined the ranks of a select few national colleges as it admitted its first group of United States Army Cadet Command and ROTC students through the Partnership in Nursing Education Program. This semester seven nurse cadets, each holding full ROTC scholarships, were admitted to the incoming junior class as part of the PNE program.

The ROTC units of the four consortium institutions: Eastern Washington University, Gonzaga University, Washington State University and Whitworth College, are part of the new endeavor. The WSU College of Nursing was selected to be one of the participants in the unique partnership because of the superb quality, the success of our graduates and the world-class reputation of the nursing institution.

“Although we have had numerous military students in our programs over the years, the PNE Program takes us to a new level with military nurse preparation,” said nursing dean Dorothy Detlor. “This program is an exciting opportunity for the ROTC students and the College of Nursing to address the nation’s health care needs for civilians and military personnel.”

Over the next two years the nurse cadets will participate with their classmates to meet all the requirements of the basic baccalaureate nursing program. At the same time, they will complete a number of required military science courses, including physical fitness training taught by the professors of military science on the consortium campuses. Upon graduation with a baccalaureate degree in nursing, these nurses will be commissioned as second lieutenants in the U.S. Army Nurse Corp.

In addition to the PNE Army Nurse Cadets, the college has attracted a number of other students who are serving in various military branches. Students may be assigned to the college to complete their education either at the undergraduate or graduate level. They often have the opportunity to designate what college they wish to attend and have chosen this college based on its excellent national reputation.

Established in 1968, the Intercollegiate College of Nursing/WSU College of Nursing is the nation’s first, oldest and most comprehensive nursing education consortium. The College of Nursing offers baccalaureate, graduate and professional development course work to nursing students enrolled through its four consortium partners: Eastern Washington University, Gonzaga University, Washington State University and Whitworth College. Each year the college educates more than 600 graduate and upper-division undergraduate students and prepares more entry-level nurses than any other state educational institution. For more information about the College of Nursing visit the Web site at nursing.wsu.edu.