VANCOUVER, Wash. — Washington State University Vancouver has seen a continued increase in enrollment for the fall semester. Nearly 1,800 students are enrolled in junior-, senior- and graduate level classes.

“We are very excited to see our enrollment continue to climb,” said Nancy Youlden, director of student services. “There is an increase in the number of students taking full class loads which is likely a reflection of more traditional age students and a slow economy.”

“As our student population grows, students are more interested in activities beyond the classroom. One new addition this year is a student-funded sport court where students can play basketball, volleyball or pickleball. Newer facilities also have added space for group and individual study.”

At 1,264 full-time equivalent enrollment, WSU Vancouver exceeds its legislated funding target of 1,153 FTE by 10 percent. An FTE represents one undergraduate student enrolled in 15 semester credits or one graduate student enrolled in 10 credits.