PULLMAN, Wash — Washington State University Parking and Transportation Services has had a busy summer finalizing new parking policies to better accommodate WSU students, faculty and staff and visitors to the campus.

“We are always looking for ways to improve the parking and transportation system to better serve the WSU community,” says John Shaheen, Director of Parking, Transportation and Visitor Center.

The Samuel H. Smith Center for Undergraduate Education parking garage, located just off of Stadium Way near the Fine Arts Building, is now available for central campus parking. The garage, which has 286 covered parking spaces, is available on an hourly-paid basis 24 hours a day. From 5 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, parking is $1.50 an hour with a $10 daily maximum. To encourage evening and nighttime use, rates drop to $2 a night and $1 for the first hour from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m., Monday though Friday. The weekend rate from 5 p.m. Friday to 5 a.m. Monday is $2 per day and $1 for the first hour. These rates also apply to the Holland Library parking garage, which is the university’s other public parking garage.

Drivers will notice a few changes to parking lot availability on campus. A new Green 1 parking lot, adjacent to the Smith Center garage, is now open with an additional 59 spaces. This new lot is available for public parking on evenings and weekends for $1. Approximately 70 spaces will be added when the new Blue 1 parking lot on Grimes Way opens near the Feed Plant. Some 60 Green 2 parking spaces were lost due to construction of the new Murrow Addition.

Visitors to the Student Recreation Center will find that parking at the SRC is now a little easier since the facility began accepting valid WSU parking permits on July 1. Valid zone parking permits include Orange, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, Gray and Crimson. Other valid permits are Visitor, Conference, Commercial, Golden Cougar (retirees), President’s Associates, Motorcycle and Moped. Hourly parking will still be available for patrons without parking permits for 50 cents an hour. Parking will continue to be free on weekends and university holidays. More information on SRC parking can be found at the following Web site: www.wsunews.wsu.edu/detail.asp?StoryID=3115.

Pullman Transit users can expect some changes in their bus rides to class and around Pullman. Only the A-route, D-route, day express, night express and Dial-A-Ride busses will be operating during the 2002-2003 academic year. Loss of funding due to the passing of Initiative-695 caused Pullman Transit to reduce service including I-Route, J-Route, E-Route, and one day express bus. However, a one-time contribution from Student and Activities fees helped retain the night express and supplemental service. More information can be found at the Pullman Transit Web site: www.pullmantransit.com

Drivers who use parking meters will not have to worry about having pocket change. Pre-paid meter keys are now available from Parking and Transportation Services. Currently meter users will save 20 percent when they purchase time on a meter key that can be issued with a $12 refundable deposit.

Students who live in residence halls will have the option of purchasing the new crimson parking pass this fall. The new zone was established to accommodate the high demand for parking near residence halls in central campus. Crimson 1 lots are located near the Hill Halls and the permits are valid in Crimson 1, Gray 1 and Blue lots. The Crimson 2 lot is located between Stimson and Waller residence halls. These passes are valid in Crimson 2, Gray 2 and Blue lots. Permits are required in all crimson, gray and blue lots by Saturday, Aug. 31.

Parking and Transportation Services also made changes in fees, fines and parking rules. Details on fine changes that went into effect Aug. 1 and fees that went into effect July 1 are available at www.wsu.edu/parking/rate_prop.