A program (from NewsProNet.com) featuring Washington State University finance faculty member John Nofsinger will be at the following coordinates:

Tuesday July 30, 2002
Telstar 6, Transponder 15 C
7:30-8 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time

Download Frequency: 4000 vertical
Discrete audio coordinates are Channel 1 on 5.8 and Channel 2 on 6.2

Mixed audio is on 6.8 simultaneously.

For discrete audio portions of feeds, Channel 1 carries audio for reporter narration and stand-ups. Channel 2 carries interviews, NAT and wild sound, music and effects.

24 Hour Teleport number:

In part of the interview, Nofsinger will discuss his textbook, “The Psychology of Investing,” the first text of its kind to delve into the fascinating and important subject of the psychology affecting investments. Traditional finance has focused on developing the tools which investors use to optimize expected return and risk. Understanding the psychology of investing will complement the material covered in traditional investments text.

Media Note: Nofsinger can be reached at his office, (509) 335-8727 or via e-mail at john_nofsinger@wsu.edu.