VANCOUVER, Wash. — Vancouver Police are looking for suspects in a shooting late Saturday night (July 13) where two Washington State University students were injured.

Police report Ryan Quinlan, 22, and Wahed Magee, 21, both students on the Pullman campus, were first taken to area hospitals — each with a gunshot wound.

University officials have been told that Magee and Quinlan were admitted to Legacy Emanuel Hospital and Health Center in Portland, Ore.

A group of WSU students were at the Vancouver family home of Christopher Weese, also a student, when a group of young men tried to gain entrance. When not allowed into the home, the suspects left, but reportedly began vandalizing nearby cars.

Police were called, and Magee and others tried to stop the vandalism when the shooting occurred, stated observers. Magee was shot in the stomach area, while Quinlan, who was on the home’s porch, suffered a wound near the shoulder from a stray bullet.

“We are very concerned about the condition of the students,” said Charlene Jaeger, vice president for Student Affairs. “Our thoughts are with the students, their families and friends.

“We are grateful for the efforts of Vancouver police officers and others involved with the students immediately after the incident. We know they are now receiving the best care possible,” she added.