PULLMAN, Wash. — This summer several major construction projects will be highly visible on the Washington State University campus.

Fencing and other stages of preconstruction are underway for the $1.5 million Library Road redevelopment project.

The project should be completed in October. It includes work between Owen Science and Engineering Library and Stimson Hall and then north along Library Road between Science and Fulmer halls to central campus. The project consists of repair/replacement of underground utilities, paving, landscaping, lighting and signs to improve pedestrian safety and enhance the pedestrian landscape.

The project calls for removal of about a dozen trees to redesign the street and lessen traffic in the area. The Arboretum Committee recommended that several Silver Maples that are nearing the end of their healthy lifespan be replaced with a hardier tree such as the Sugar Maple. Project manager Camilla Rice said 35 additional medium-height trees will be added to the area.

The committee also reviewed the landscape plans for the Murrow Communications Center addition. The year-long $12.7 project begins to the west of the current facility and requires that six trees be replaced. Project manager Larry Harris said nearby lawn will be replaced and more than two dozen trees, including spruce, lindens, Japanese snowbells and katsuras will be planted.

A third major construction project is underway on the Pullman campus. The $2.5 million Stadium Way project from Nevada Street to Grimes Way includes pavement, the addition of a median strip and increased lighting. A new traffic signal will be installed at the Nevada-Stadium Way intersection and the lights at Grimes and Wilson Road will be synchronized to minimize vehicle stacking.

The project also includes new Stadium Way information signs and bus shelters at several locations around campus. Fencing will be installed around Mooberry Track and new storm sewer piping under Grimes Way. The pedestrian bridge to Kruegel Hall was removed May 31 .

The Arboretum Committee and the Campus Trails Committee discussed and reviewed landscaping for the project. About dozen trees will be removed, while many others have been tagged to remain along the campus thoroughfare, said project manager Bruce Benson. More than 24 trees will be added as part of the project.

Contractors will keep two lanes of traffic open during most of the construction period. However, there may be some detours via Olympia/Grimes or Quad Services/Wilson with signs or flaggers.

As part of the major projects, more than 60 trees will be added to the campus by the fall. The university uses a tree replacement and protection policy as a procedure to determine when trees should be removed and replaced. Under the policy, each tree that might be affected by a campus construction project is assessed and valued. If it is determined the tree should be removed, the value of the tree must be put into the project for landscaping or tree replacement. After review by an arborist, trees also may be removed when they are dead or dying for safety reasons.

Drawings of each project are available at the Capital Planning and Development office in Commons Hall on the WSU campus. Information also is available at the office’s Web site: www.cpd.wsu.edu.