PULLMAN, Wash.–Washington State University Health and Wellness staff members have established a Help Line to take calls about meningococcal disease. The number is (509) 335-5438 and will be answered until 10 p.m. today (May 17) and again on Monday (May 20)starting at 8 a.m.

The university has recommended that students, especially new students and those planning to live in residence halls, sororities and fraternities in the fall, be vaccinated against meningococcal disease before they return to campus.

The health services office also is putting information about the disease at its Web site: www.hws.wsu.edu.

Recent studies show that college students, particular freshmen living in dormitories, have an increased risk for the disease. This spring three WSU freshmen contracted the disease. All have recovered or are expected to recover.

β€œIt is not urgent that students away from campus be vaccinated immediately. We would just like them to be vaccinated prior to coming to WSU in the fall, particularly if they will be living in residence halls, fraternities or sororities,” said Bruce Wright, director of WSU Health and Wellness Services.