TRI-CITIES, Wash. — Washington State University Tri-Cities will honor its 13th graduating class Friday, May 17, at the Tri-Cities Coliseum in Kennewick. The program begins at 6 p.m.

A total of 386 students will receive diplomas this year. There are 289 undergraduate and 97 master’s degree candidates eligible to participate in the 2002 commencement.

Campus Executive Officer and Dean Larry James will preside over the program, which includes a commencement address by Robert C. Bates, WSU’s new provost and academic vice president.

Nearly 3,000 are expected to attend the ceremony. The Tri-Cities Coliseum is located near Columbia Center in Kennewick.

The graduating students earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the state’s land-grant university in a variety of academic disciplines, including biology, business administration, chemical engineering, computer science, elementary education, liberal arts, nursing and social science.

The 2002 commencement marks the first Master of Technology graduates. The MTM program is a business degree, which combines selected courses from the Master’s of Business Administration and Management Information Systems curriculums with a wide range of electives. The MTM degree is only available from the Tri-Cities campus of WSU.

Tom Thompson of Kennewick, past president of the WSU Alumni Association, will deliver the alumni greeting to the new graduates.