PULLMAN, Wash. — With summer quickly approaching, Washington State University officials are seeing more students than ever enroll in summer session courses, which begin on Monday, May 13.

“We expect around 5,000 students this summer,” said Linda Schoepflin, director of summer session. “The (enrollment) numbers have been going up for the last two or three years. Summer session typically follows the same (enrollment) pattern as the regular academic year.”

Along with the increase of students, more summer course sections are filling up, Schoepflin said. As a result, summer session officials have notified departments whose sections are full to either increase seating capacity or consider adding another section.

A variety of courses are offered through the summer. Most students take general education and business courses, but everything from “Internet Marketing” to “Topics in History: Baseball” is offered. Overall, WSU did not add more courses to the curriculum compared to previous years. However, the university has tried to offer better scheduling throughout the day, Schoepflin said.

The three blocks of summer session courses are: Block A, beginning May 13, the early six-week session; Block B, beginning June 10, eight weeks; and Block C, beginning June 24, the late six-week session. Because classes begin and end on various dates, registration is based on rolling deadlines. Students are encouraged to register by their first day of class.

“Most students sign up for courses in the early six-week session,” Schoepflin said. About 92 percent of students in the summer session are undergraduate students taking an average of seven credits.

Tuition for summer session courses is based on credit hours. Undergraduate fees per credit are $195 for residents and $205 for nonresidents, not including special course fees. Students are charged per credit because summer session is a self-sustained program that does not receive state funds. Each course must make enough money to support itself, which is typical of other summer programs nationwide, Schoepflin said.

For more information about summer session, students can go online to Summer Session or call (509) 335-2238. A course listing also is available at Metro.