PULLMAN, Wash. — The Washington State University College of Liberal Arts will present honors for outstanding achievement, recognize years of service and announce professorships in a public ceremony April 26.

The awards, presented by Dean Barbara Couture, include the college’s Distinguished Faculty Award, Outstanding Staff Award, Student Achievement recognition, and an award to a Distinguished Friend or Alumnus. Also awarded will be the Lewis E. and Stella G. Buchanan Professorship and the William F. Mullen Outstanding Teaching Award. A new college award will be given for the first time this year, the college fellow award. Department chairs who are stepping down and retiring faculty will also be honored as well as faculty who have served WSU for 25 years or longer.

William F. Mullen was an associate professor of political science at WSU from 1968 until his death in 1986 at the age of 50. He was known among faculty and students for his excellence in teaching, a reputation that earned him the Burlington Northern Faculty Achievement Award in 1985. In the presentation of that award, Mullen was recognized for his “dedication to the growth and education of students,” and as a “veritable perfectionist” at preparing teaching materials. The award bearing his name has been a College of Liberal Arts tradition since 1988 and recognizes other professors who uphold Mullen’s educational excellence.

Dean Couture has created a special award this year. The Distinguished Contribution Award will be presented to a faculty member whose contributions have created a rich legacy for students in the College of Liberal Arts.

The award ceremony is set for 3:30 p.m. in Room 518 of the Samuel H. Smith Center for Undergraduate Education.