PULLMAN, Wash. — Scott Maloney, a Washington State University senior genetics major, has been named the Outstanding Undergraduate Research Scholar by the College of Sciences.

Since the second week of his freshman year, Maloney has worked in WSU faculty research laboratories. He first volunteered in Professor Martin Morgan’s genetics laboratory where he learned basic molecular techniques including microsatellite analysis, a technique that uses short pieces of DNA to genetically distinguish between individuals in a species. He continued the project with Professor Michael Webster and last fall he helped Professor Andrew Storfer set up his new genetics lab. He is currently employed as a lab technician by Professor Michael Kahn at WSU’s Institute of Biological Chemistry on a gene-cloning project.

A recipient of the President’s Honor Award and a “Passed With Distinction” on his writing portfolio, Maloney was awarded a University Achievement Award and University Scholar In Residence scholarships. He is a teaching assistant in Introductory Biology and, as a junior, was invited to deliver a lecture on genetic cloning and gene manipulation in Genetics 301, the introductory genetics course.

Maloney, who will graduate from the WSU Honors College in May, has been accepted into several graduate programs. However, he plans to defer his advanced education for a year or two to accept an offer to become a research associate with Kahn at the IBC. His assignment will be to assist in cataloging all the genes of a species of soil bacterium. Maloney’s long-term goal is to become a research faculty member at a university.

Maloney is a 1998 graduate of Spokane’s Mead High School. His parents are Steve and Laurie Maloney of 4225 E. Red Roan Drive, Spokane.

Maloney’s award includes $250 book awards. The purpose of the College of Sciences Outstanding Undergraduate Research Scholar Award is twofold: to recognize the scholars for their research achievement and the faculty mentors for their caring commitment. A scholar is selected each month during the academic year by the College of Sciences.