PULLMAN, Wash. — An expert in comparative politics and the Middle East will discuss the impact of globalization on world societies at 7 p.m., March 12, in Washington State University’s Todd Hall 216.

Joel Migdal, a professor in the Jackson School of International Studies, will discuss “Winners and Losers in the World of the 21st Century.” He is the keynote speaker of a two-day symposium, “An American Tragedy: A Reflection.”

Migdal plans to address the reach of the global economy since the 1990s. He will consider who benefits from globalization and who is harmed. The marginalization of large segments of countries’ populations through the globalization process has created anger, he says. But with the end of the Cold War, there are few ideologies that can channel that anger. Islam has become a powerful mobilizing agent for many of those marginalized by globalization, he says.

Migdal is the Robert F. Philip Professor of International Studies at the University of Washington. He formerly served as associate professor of government at Harvard University and senior lecturer at Tel-Aviv University.

His research focuses on pluralistic notions of law and how they affect the state, as well as informal interaction in public space. Migdal’s latest books include “Palestinians: The Making of a People,” “Rules and Rights in the Middle East: Democracy, Law and Society” and “State Power and Social Forces: Domination and Transformation in the Third World.”