PULLMAN, Wash. – Washington State University and Pullman police nabbed two suspected car prowlers Wednesday morning after following their footprints left in the fresh snow.

WSU police officer Cpl. Monte Griffin noticed a suspicious car stopped in Orton Lot near the south edge of campus at about 3 a.m. After the car left, Griffin noticed a nearby car had been broken into and the footprints led to where the suspicious car had been parked.

Griffin obtained a search warrant for the vehicle owner’s car and apartment on Bleanser Street. After searching the apartment, police found stolen items from the car, including CD players and more than 100 CDs. Police also found drug paraphernalia and marijuana.

Police arrested Kevin E. Sykes-Linscott, 19, of Pullman and a juvenile on vehicle prowling, second-degree theft and drug-related charges. Jennifer A. Bonnett, 30, of Pullman, was arrested on drug-related charges and possession of stolen property. None were WSU students.