WHEN: 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 27, 1999

WHERE: Cher’s Restaurant
216 W. California Street
Garfield WA 99130

WHAT: WSU President Samuel Smith will recognize Deborah Thorne and Cheri Curtis for their
good work which contributes to the Garfield Dollars for Scholars Foundation.

Here’s a story sure to make you say “cheese(cake)” and smile.

In Garfield, Wash., the Whitman County farming community (620 population, and about 26 miles
north of Pullman and 53 miles south of Spokane), people put their mouths where their hearts are.
By buying cheesecakes, prepared and baked the past year and a half by WSU graduate student
Deborah Thorne in the kitchen at Cher’s Restaurant in Garfield, they are contributing to the
Garfield Dollars for Scholars Foundation. The foundation was created to give Garfield students
who can’t afford to attend college a way to do so.

Thorne has raised about $9,000 for the foundation, most of it by selling cheesecakes at $3 a slice.
Sales take place mainly at Cher’s, which donates cake ingredients as well as use of its kitchen and

WSU President Samuel Smith is so impressed with the cheesecake for scholar dollars effort that
he will visit Cher’s restaurant at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 27, to express his thanks and offer
continued best wishes to the foundation. He will also recognize the newest fund-raiser for the
foundation, the sale of glass apples by Garfield’s New Morning Glass Studio.

Among those attending the event will be Deborah Thorne, Cheri Curtis and Eric Lynch, a 1999
Garfield-Palouse High School graduate who is now a WSU freshman thanks to a
cheesecake-funded scholarship.

If you would like to learn more about the foundation and cheesecakes, contact Deborah Thorne
at home in Garfield at 509/635-1315 or talk to Cheri Curtis, owner/operator of Cher’s Restaurant, at
509/635-1412. Curtis is also mayor of Garfield.