PULLMAN, Wash. — A survey is being conducted to determine user interest and site
availability in the Moscow-Pullman/Lewiston Clarkston area for establishing a commercial
kitchen network.
The survey is part of the YWCA of Washington State University’s “ongoing commitment to
community food security,” says Liza Rognas, YWCA director. The organization is conducting
the survey in partnership with the WSU Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural
Resources, Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute, Community Action Center and the WSU
Women’s Resource Center.
According to Rognas, a community commercial kitchen network in the area could help small
micro-enterprises get started. It could allow locally grown food to be turned into jams, jellies,
relishes and other value-added products. Caterers and bakers could also benefit if such kitchens
were available for their use.
In addition, social service agencies could make use of these kitchens to better serve people
who need access to food and meals, she says. Churches, civic groups and school districts with
commercial kitchens on-site could benefit from income generated by use of their facilities, she
Those wishing to fill out a survey may obtain a copy in the YWCA office at 720 NE Thatuna,
Pullman, or have one mailed to them by telephoning the YWCA at 509/335-3916. Survey results
will be the basis of a community meeting set for 5:30 p.m. April 22 in the Cougar Depot in
downtown Pullman.