PULLMAN, Wash. — Washington State University Theatre will bring the English morality play “Everyman” to the stage for a six-night run during November and December.
The play that fascinated and attracted audiences ever since it appeared in the early 1500s will be on the R.R. Jones Theatre stage in WSU’s Daggy Hall Nov. 12-14 and Dec. 3-5, with curtain each day at 8 p.m. It will feature a cast of 16, in addition to eight singers and a brass quartet with music composed especially for the production.
The play, directed by Professor Emeritus Paul Wadleigh, has a simple story line. God commands Death to summon Everyman to his final judgment and to bring with him his record of his deeds, good and bad. Everyman begs for more time, but Death is implacable. Soon Everyman discovers that neither friends nor family nor riches can benefit him in the sight of God — only his good deeds can accompany him into the grave.
WSU’s production is in keeping with the quaintly literal style of the period, Wadleigh said. “Heaven” is a platform high above the stage, presided over by God and a choir of white-robed angels. Everyman, at the end, descends into his “grave,” a trapdoor in the stage floor. The doctrine is Catholic, but the appeal is universal.
Lights and setting are directed by George Caldwell. Music was composed by Raft Wadleigh, and the music director is Douglas Ouelette.
Tickets will be available during the weeks of production from 1-4 p.m. at the University Theatre box office, 509/335-7236, located in Daggy Hall. All seats are reserved and tickets are $8 for adults, $6 for seniors and $4 for youths and students. All WSU graduate students are admitted without charge, courtesy of the Graduate and Professional Student Association.
Parking is available in the Daggy parking garage with an elevator to the lobby. Free parking also is available in the parking lot across the street from Daggy Hall.