PULLMAN, Wash. — The Washington State University delegation of the Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association placed in five of six academic competitions in the recently held 1998 SAVMA Symposium in Gainesville, Fla.
The showing by WSU’s veterinary students was the most successful in the college’s 99-year history.
WSU junior veterinary students Gary Lewis, Chris Schnieder and John Smart placed first in the bovine palpation competition, with Lewis placing third overall in the individual palpation competition.
Polly Peterson, also a junior in the professional program, placed first in the clinical competency competition. Juniors Carrie Forester and Scott Davis, and sophomore Lisa Ourada placed first in the rigorous clinical pathology contest.
Juniors Larry Gay and Sheila Gassner placed first in the “Worms and Germs” competition, a contest that tests veterinary students’ knowledge of bacteriology, virology and parasitology.
Juniors Sarah Buck and Lindsey Pollock; sophomores Sanjeev Gokhale and Jake Lynch; and freshman Jody Hicks placed third in the comprehensive SAVMA Challenge.
The University of Florida hosted the symposium. Student delegates competed in academic and athletic competitions, attended lectures and labs, toured local animal facilities, and attended a career opportunity exhibition hall.
The national SAVMA Symposium will be hosted by WSU in 1999, bringing some 1,500 veterinary students to Pullman from around the nation.