PULLMAN, Wash.–Washington State University is taking a series of immediate steps in response to the serious disturbance that occurred adjacent to the campus on the early morning of May 3.
“First, we have begun the procedures necessary to suspend the one or more fraternities that appear to have been involved,” the president said Monday afternoon at a briefing for media. “As part of those steps, we will be in immediate touch with the national leaders of these fraternities.
“Second, we have begun the steps needed for us to suspend or expel the individual students who were involved in this foolhardy and dangerous activity.”
President Smith indicated that investigations are moving as quickly as possible to clarify which fraternities and students played roles in the confrontation.
These WSU investigations are being done in parallel to the criminal investigations being done by the City of Pullman Police Department. The Pullman Police Department is the lead agency in the investigations as the incident occurred in an area adjacent to the WSU campus.
“Washington State University will most certainly support vigorous prosecution of those arrested,” he indicated.
In addition, WSU’s Interfraternity Council is conducting its own investigation.
Smith also said the events of the weekend proved conclusively the need for education on alcohol use and the need for the kind of very firm alcohol policy that the university has put into place. “This incident was a clear affirmation of the importance of our efforts.”
At the same time, WSU President Samuel Smith praised all the law enforcement agencies and fire departments that responded for their extraordinary professionalism and restraint. He said their efforts meant that a serious disturbance did not become a tragedy.
The Pullman Police Department was assisted by WSU, Colfax and Moscow (Idaho) police departments; city, WSU and Rural District 12 fire departments; Whitman and Latah (Idaho) County sheriff’s departments; and the Washington State Patrol.
“The emergency response plan for our region proved itself in the early hours of Sunday morning as participating agencies worked well together. To all officers I extend the deep appreciation of the university community.”